Saturday, June 18, 2005

UAL Biz Class dinner - filet mignon


Geez after all that beer and soba, I dunno if I can eat anymore. Besides, I should sleep now to help beat jet lag. But let's see here - on the menu today is either the turkey, filet mignon, or Japanese Obento. The Obento sounded good with a little sake, but for some reason, I just didn't want something so light. So I went for the filet again (or as stated on the menu, "herb and onion crusted filet mignon with red curry coconut sauce, potatoes au gratin and blanched broccolini - today's menu features beef from Australia").


Interesting. I've ordered the filet on UA many a time before (not bad, although a bit heavy), but this is the first time I had seen it with a curry sauce. I wasn't too sure how it would taste, but to my surprise, it was actually pretty darned good. The meat was especially tender too. The starter, "sauteed herb shrimp with basic and smoked duck, fresh lemon and mango salsa, with fresh seasonal greens with Roquefort dressing" was just as I had experienced every other time - very cold (from being up at 35,000 feet??) and not the freshest, but certainly not bad either. Actually the Roquefort dressing was great - surprisingly sour, but in a good way. Everything else was typical United fare - the cheese in the potatoes could have been creamier, but it was still edible. The broccoli sucked though as it was soggy and bland from boiling. That's when you wish that they had stir-fried it to keep it crisp instead. No wonder so many kids growing up hated broccoli: if it were always boiled, then I'd hate it too.

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