Friday, May 07, 2010

Sticker Shock at the Long Bar, Singapore

Jaw-dropping Prices

My jaw just dropped when I saw this sign. S$29.45 (US$21) for a Singapore Sling?? Really? Granted, this was the Long Bar at the classy Raffles Hotel (1 Beach Road, 6412-1816). And sure, with that you got those endless buckets of local peanuts in a unique colonial setting where you could throw the shells on the ground. And maybe that price includes tax and tip too.

But seriously, US$21 for a drink?? Well, I suppose that if one is a tourist passing through town then this place is obligatory (and I've certainly been guilty of indulging in unnecessarily overpriced things). Can't one get this for free on SQ though?


Joy said...

My boyfriend and I recently visited Singapore, and unfortunately entered the Long Bar from another entrance. It was only when we got the bill when we realized that 2 Singapore Slings were $56.40 Singapore Dollars!!! Not worth that amount of money, especially since they put a ton of ice in it! :(

Spahkee said...

US$21++ for a cocktail? Seriously, even for the Raffles, that's a bit extreme. And is the Singapore Sling there that great (endless peanuts aside). In March, we passed by the Raffles and opted to have a drink at the top of the Pan Pacific instead.

Is this the most expensive cocktail (excluding those with precious gems and metals) in the Lion City? Or are there more just as outrageously priced?

Keep up the great blogging! It's fun to see your travels and comments

Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

Pete said...

Agreed - it's daylight robbery! Pity those hapless tourists who were sold on this ridiculous idea that they mustn't miss a Singapore Sling at the Raffles whilst they were in town.

Stephanie said...

Dunno if you caught the article in the Sunday Times...but the bartender nephew of the creator of the Spore Sling actually thought Raffles Hotel's stinks! He did a taste test and RH came last. The irony. And yes, much of it had to do with the ice which watered it down...sad but true!