Friday, April 30, 2010

Tsarina from Caviar House & Prunier at HKIA


I'm a big fan of the salmon here. But I have never gone for their caviar (despite it being in their name) given how expensive it is. Today, I figured that I'd finally pamper myself; it was Friday night after all. I grabbed what they called the Tsarina, which was one of the lowest-priced items in the caviar section of the menu. It was a whopping HK$550 (US$70) for nothing more than what is pictured here: smoked salmon on a blini and topped with ten grams of pure salted Malossol caviar. Man, at these prices, this thing had better be good.

Well, it wasn't bad at least. I haven't exactly developed enough of a palate to be able to discern between good and bad caviar, but it was creamy and bursting with a savory taste of the sea. Having some of that delicious salmon underneath never hurt either. But was it really worth US$70 for what was effectively just a little snack? Hardly. It was just a guilty indulgence to satiate my curiosity rather than my stomach. But I will come back for the salmon without hesistation.

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Some Kind Of Funky! said...

I'm glad you tried that. I love salmon. Especially salmon sushi. That looks great. Expensive but hey, you got to treat yourself sometimes.