Friday, May 14, 2010

Chicago's Weber Grill Restaurant

Weber Grill Resturant

Yep - that's right. The folks behind the Weber grill have opened a few restaurants in the Chicago area, featuring food grilled on none other than industrial-strength Weber grills over hot charcoal. I initially only looked at it as a source of amusement rather than being any place that I actually wanted to eat at, but a local mentioned in passing that this place was very good, so I came by tonight to check it out.

Unfortunately, the grilled steak skewers that I got were uninspiring, with nary a char mark to be seen. Sure, it tasted fine, if suspiciously tender, and I liked the wedge salad that I got with it. But the skewers just seemed like something that one grilled in his own backyard. I can only assume that the rest of the menu is much better given the competition from all of the steakhouses around here.

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