Friday, April 02, 2010

Rezeki Rumah Makan & Seafood, Pulau Batam

Gong Gong

We're back at this restaurant on a neighboring island of Indonesia again, but this time with a proper name and address. Well, maybe not an address since I really couldn't find any street names around here, but this was at the end of Batu Besar at 1.15345°N by 104.13988°E.

We got a number of the same things as last time, including those little gong gong conch shells above, chili crab, plus some sort of crayfish. The fried calamari here were still perfectly seasoned, but we forgot to get that barbecued fish that we got last time. A repeat visit will have to be in order then, especially since the sambal sauce here is so pleasantly spicy without being too stinky.

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