Friday, April 23, 2010

Grabbing A Quick Snack Before Dinner

Yaki Sakana

Even though we were on our way out to dinner, I knew that it would be a while before we ate. So we stopped at a couple shops on the way to the train station for a couple of quick items to hold us over, the first of which was this little stand grilling fish on a fire. We grabbed a chunk of gindara, which probably would have been better had we eaten it more quickly rather than letting it get cold. But it was rich and did the job.

Giant Dim Sum

Some guy inside was also steaming a bunch of buns, with these pinkish ones being made from prawns. They tasted pretty much like they looked, which was almost dim sum-like in nature. This guy was also selling gyoza that looked pretty good, but I exercised restraint by just sticking to just a taster of that prawn thing.

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brad said...

keep up the good work.. you have inspired me to try everything from chicken feet(no) to the vietnamese soups here in Saskatchewan(yes) food. and with 300 restaurants in saskatoon i have allot of exploring to do..,,,