Saturday, June 20, 2009

Luk Yu Tea House, Hong Kong

Luk Yu Tea House

This might seem a bit weird given that there isn't any food in the photo. But that wasn't because I didn't like the food. It's just that this place (24 Stanley Street, 2523-1970) was so old school that it was kinda cool, with its ceiling fans, wood paneling, and table linens. And as if it were right out of a Hong Kong gangster movie, a local tycoon apparently got shot by hitmen at a booth right next to ours a number of years ago. This place definitely isn't short on character.

Well, gruesome things aside, this place is known for its dim sum. The approach to food was very traditional, which meant that it was very purist and of high quality. But it also meant that it was a bit too minimalist, making me prefer the fuller flavor of other places instead, including Lin Heung, a similarly old school place that is in the same neighborhood. This place was definitely worth coming for the atmosphere alone though.

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Jude said...

I was there last Sept out of curiousity. The food tasted cold and unappetising, the waiters need some hardcore training in service manners, and when you talk about kiasuim, the customers at Luk Yu takes the cakes.

But it's all for the experience, that's all. Would been great to see some guns wielding action however.