Sunday, March 14, 2010

SQ's Oriental Roast Chicken

Oriental Roast Chicken with Chinese Greens and Fragrant Rice

SQ ran out of the fish that I was going to ask for today, so I got stuck with this "Oriental Roast Chicken" instead. The lime juice and garlic-based chili sauce on the side kinda turned this into Singaporean chicken rice, albeit with shiitake mushrooms on the side and a goopy brown sauce underneath. Either way, it sure was better than Friday night's tuna fish sandwich on UA.

And yes, that is George Clooney on the screen in the corner. I've been meaning to watch Up in the Air for quite a while but only got around to it now. It was better than I thought it would be - and my expectations were already pretty high. Then again, my judgment is no doubt skewed by my personal tendency to similarly "profit my mileage account," as his character put it.

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MC Fattiefresh said...

foog film but it would have been a nice touch if they'd included some scenes about clooney's up in the air eating habits.