Friday, March 12, 2010

A UA Snack Box For Dinner

United Dinner Box

Even though I can understand why United gave out snack boxes for breakfast on the way up, I figured that they would at least provide a hot meal for dinner on the way back, especially since the flight to Singapore takes more than three hours. But they still handed out snack boxes - this time with a tuna fish sandwich. Worse, some lousy Matthew McConaughey movie was playing on the center screen. United has been responsible for force feeding me too many of his lame movies over the years.


FN said...

That's one sad looking plane meal. Lemme guess "Ghosts of Girlfriend Past" or some crap like that?

Pete said...

I flew United (Business Class) to Los Angeles last week. It was a first time for me - honestly, I couldn't remember a single meal I had. Just knew they were quite awful!

Aquarian said...

UA is the worst airline I've been on. Uncomfortable seats, crappy food and no personal tv screen!!! SQ rocks my world!!!