Wednesday, March 17, 2010

SQ's Chicken Fried Rice to Jakarta

Chicken Fried Rice

I didn't think we were going to get any food on this 1.5 hour flight - really just because there wasn't enough time. I figured that we would just get a standard issue orange juice - and at best, perhaps the added bonus of a pastry or something. So I was a bit surprised to find them serving full hot meals today, like this "chicken [and] fried rice."

I chose it because I figured that it'd be a tad healthier than all of the eggs in the other choice: a frittata. I was wrong on that though, as the chicken was done with coconut, oil, and sugar. Well, the Southeast Asian taste was fitting given the destination, I suppose. And it sure beats the measly boxed meals that United gave last week on a flight lasting twice as long.

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