Tuesday, March 30, 2010

il Mac di McDonald's Italy

McDonald's Italy's il Mac and a Nastro Azzurro beer

It wasn't my choice to come here, despite being so curious about this stuff during the past week. But we needed a quick bite before getting on the train, and I might as well finally give the il Mac and McItaly a try. As it turned out, the McItaly wasn't available anymore, presumably due to all of the backlash? I thus got this il Mac instead, which turned out to be surprisingly dry...both the bread and beef, with nothing but cheese and tomatoes providing some form of moisture. I literally took three bites and left it.

And yes, that is a beer from McDonald's, a la Vincent Vega. But I was surprised that I couldn't find red wine available given how it almost seems unacceptable in this society to have a meal without it. I noticed a McRoyale Deluxe on the menu though - I can only assume that was the Royale with Cheese that they were referring to. Hamburgers - the cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast!

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Some Kind Of Funky said...

That is a beautiful thing.