Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Few Sights from the Streets of Rome

McItaly Poster

Here were a few random sights from Rome today, the first of which is a poster for a McItaly sandwich featuring local ingredients like olive oil, artichoke, and Asiago cheese. No, I didn't go to McDonald's to eat, but it was interesting given that the invasion of McDonald's into Italy years ago was what spawned the Slow Food movement. I read that this McItaly thing has become a bit controversial given that it was done in conjunction with the government in an effort to try to support local farmers; its opponents would argue that it supports big corporate P&Ls too.

All My Favorite Things

This was something placed outside what I assumed was a restaurant catering to tourists given that it was just a minute away from the Pantheon. We didn't eat at this place either, but I just liked looking at it given how it contains all of the stuff that I like to eat.

Tomatoes for Sale

And finally, here was a shot from the Campo 'de Fiori. All sorts of local produce were on display at various stands, including artichoke, tomatoes, and oranges, not to mention a couple of spice vendors and even a guy selling truffles. It was a small market, but nonetheless always fun to see what kind of local goods are on sale at these sorts of things.

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