Friday, February 05, 2010

Charly T's Food Journeys, Singapore

Quarter Chicken

Rotisserie chicken normally isn't anything to get too excited about, but my teammate mentioned this place to me today (20 Handy Road, 6336-7789), pointing out how they were open until 2AM on Friday and Saturday. That tip came in handy tonight, considering that I skipped dinner and went straight to pounding beers after work. Naturally, I needed some food afterwards.

It hit the spot. The trick was in the selection of savory sauces as well as sides that didn't taste as cafeteria-like as one might think they would be. Actually, I have to admit that all of the alcohol probably impaired my judgment, but I'm still confident enough to say that I prefer this place over Kenny Rogers any day of the week. And it's great that they are open late, seeing that roast chicken only carries half of the guilt of other typical post-drinking options.

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bma said...

Looking back at this again, I think the alcohol got to me that night. Either that, or the quality has gone down. I recently went back and questioned why I liked this so much the first time. The mac and cheese oddly included bits of cauliflower, not to mention incomplete or broken pieces of macaroni. Well, the chicken was still juicy at least.