Friday, January 29, 2010

Wuhan Steamboat City, The Central

Single Serving Hot Pot

That was bizarre...and completely unplanned. I was passing through the Central tonight when I noticed that a new restaurant had opened up at the top, and a mainland Chinese one at that (6 Eu Tong Sen Street #04-05, 6493-6916). It looked pretty plasticky from the outside, but a couple of the spicy noodle dishes on the menu seemed fitting after a number of post-work beers tonight, and I was drawn in.

Little did I know that they weren't actually serving anything on the menu. It was only after I sat down that I realized there was no choice but to order the hot pot, so out came a little single serving pot for me. And they kept bringing me all sorts of little cooked dishes that I didn't order; it was only after a few rounds of trying to send those back did I realize that this was all a buffet. I guess that's why they had that conveyor belt system too.

Well, taste-wise it just kinda blurred together with any other hot pot least, one that emphasizes quantity over quality (I kinda liked how the broth wasn't salty though - it made it easier to control one's sodium intake through the dipping sauces instead). I won't exactly come running back here, although I am still kinda curious about those noodles that I saw on the menu. Apparently those are only available at their other branch at Chinatown Point.

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Wonderful Spree said...

i think Wuhan is overrated... the cooked food served on conveyer belt were cold. They have limited choices and because they didn't have menu, i dont know whats coming up on the conveyer. They didn't serve golden mushroom, luncheon meat, fish ball, button mushroom or any form of mushroom. their soup are So-SO too..