Sunday, January 31, 2010

Home's Favourite Garlic Cookies

Garlic Cookies

These cookies have nothing to do with the Korean garlic restaurant from last night. But when one sees a sign at a shopping center touting "garlic cookies," one can't help but be intrigued.

It turned out that these were from a local shop selling a bunch of treats before the Lunar New Year holidays. In that sense, these were kinda like kueh bangkit, except with roasted garlic inside. That explains why it was hard to eat only one. least, for me. This wasn't exactly a big hit at a friend's barbeque tonight. The garlic taste was admittedly stronger than I thought it would be at first, but somehow I still liked these mildly crunchy things enough to eat most of that top layer of cookies in the tin.

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|mei.goh| said...

I bought the same brand of cookies too lately. I must say it's one of the better brands in sg. Try the durian and rose tea cookies, as good as garlic I assume ;)