Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pringles Extreme and Restaurant Cravers

Pringles Extreme and Restaurant Cravers

Today is one of the few days out of the entire year when I can forgive myself for buying this kind of crap: I can try a few of each flavor while bringing the still-fresh remainder to a New Year's Eve party tonight, where it no doubt will be devoured in seconds. Actually, all I really wanted to try were the Extreme flavors on the left, but we also picked up some of those Restaurant Cravers while we were at it.

The surprise favorite of mine was the Kickin' Cheddar version; it wasn't until I tasted it that I realized that there were little pictures of jalapeno peppers on graphic, as there was a subtle bite to it. I liked the Screamin' Dill Pickle tasted more of dill weed than pickle. The Blazin' Buffalo Wing flavor was a bit of a letdown, although maybe that was because those few chips at the top didn't get coated in as much of the seasonings as they should have.

I didn't really care much for those Restaurant Cravers though. Sure, they really tasted like mozzarella sticks and that other kind of junk food that one gets at American chain restaurants. In fact, that's probably why I didn't like them given how I'm not exactly a fan of those kinds of places either.


(( Ms. K )) said...

From what I remember, these Pringles extreme/restaurant cravers taste so nasty, I only ate like 2-4 chips and give to someone else.

Anonymous said...

well. ok. prinngles are ok. but the best dip is just plain sour cream and onions... sometimes the simplest is the best... hell, i just use those chips, be they expensivive blue corn or artesanal tortiaa to get to the dip anyways.