Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The Bottomless Lunch from Chili's Singapore

Chili's Endless Express Lunch

I haven't been to Chili's in ages - it's one of those American chain restaurants that I intentionally try to stay away from. But somehow I found myself at their Tanglin Mall outlet today (163 Tanglin Road, 6733-3317) part out of curiosity, in part out of convenience, I suppose. I struggled to find something half-healthy on the menu, and ended up on their weekday S$14.90 (US$10.75) Endless Express Lunch special, featuring soup, salad, and chips with salsa. It sounded reasonable enough, right?

Oh man, when it came out, my jaw just dropped. Not only was the basket of chips obscenely big, but the salad and soup were both covered in cheese. I scraped away as much cheese as I could (and thankfully I got vinaigrette dressing instead of the blue cheese or ranch that I briefly considered) and tried to exercise moderation without guilt for wasting the remaining food. But in the end, it really was too much. And to think that this was actually a "bottomless" offer too. I'm still shaking my head at this.

Well, I still might end up at Chili's again, perhaps just for the nostalgia of those fajitas from my childhood. Or maybe if I just want to plop myself down at the bar with those chips again. I have to admit that I'm still kinda curious about the guacamole option as well as their buffalo wings.

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Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. When I found out that chillis was opening here I got excited. It was to go to place for the fam when my mom did not want to cook. However still have not made it down to get the fajitas myself.