Thursday, November 12, 2009

Yong Kang Beef Noodle, Taipei

Beef Noodle Soup

The Taiwanese are as passionate about beef noodle soup as the Japanese are about ramen: everybody has their own opinion on which little shop makes the best one. And this place (Jinshan South Road Section 2, Lane 31, Number 17, 2351-1051) apparently has established quite a name for itself.

I can see why. The meat was tender, the broth was rich, and they had a number of condiments to go with it. I still prefer the uniqueness of Chuan Wong, but this one was still a worthy representative.

Actually, I got more excited about the red oil wontons that they had available on the side. It looked like a mushy mess when it first arrived, but to my surprise, the stuff was loaded up with so much lard that it was impossible to resist. The spicy peanuty sauce never hurt either.


Anonymous said...

noddles are noodles. heresy, you say? well my favorite is the simplest. noddles and alittle bacon, and oil, and mushrooms for meat, and a veggie you like. mine is tomato, or cuumber, or gator pears, ( avacodo). but really, just spagettie, ramen, or otehres, with black olives, or chesse

orangesoda said...

We have beef noodle contest in Taipei annually :D It's gonna be a big event. It's coming up this month or next I think.

bee said...

i went to Yong Kang when i was in Taipei!
Awesome tender beef and lovely soup base.
Enjoyed reading your blog of food! Keep travelling and eating.
Happy new year! :D