Saturday, November 07, 2009

My First Bowl of Lor Mee

Lor Mee

Every time I go to Tiong Bahru Market, I notice a huge line for stall number 80 selling something called lor mee. I had no idea what that stuff was, so today I finally waited it out to see what the big deal was.

If it weren't for those garnishes on top, this would have been nothing more than a bowl of heavy noodles doused in a goopy brown sauce. The sauce was unremarkable, but at least it had neither the sweet nor herbal taste that I worried about. Fortunately, the addition of cilantro, chili peppers, and Chinese black vinegar gave it a bit more life. Indeed, I wished that I had put more vinegar in it...and I went a bit overboard with the huge clump of minced raw garlic.

I thus went to get another bowl at stall number 4 across the way, which had close to no line but one that I liked better due to his toppings. Maybe it was also because I intentionally loaded it up with extra vinegar, reminding me a bit of that thick Chinese soup called geng. Well, if I get this again next time I'll need to remember to go heavy on the vinegar but easy on the garlic.


Anonymous said...

Long time fan, just wanted to congratulate you on an awesome food blog. It's my 4th meal of the day.

Anonymous said...

Try Yuan Chun lor mee on 2nd flr Amoy Street FC. It's the best lor mee in town. The gravy, the essence of lor mee, is noticeably many notches above. Note the stall is closed on Mon & Tue.

Anonymous said...

I must say that my first experience with Lor Mee was not great as I didn't quite understand what's the big fuss about the gluey stuff. But it has since grown on me and am enjoying a nice bowl of Lor Mee whenever I am at Tiong Bahru Market.

Well, if you decided to give it another go like I did, then try another Lor Mee stall there. It's called Lor Mee 178, famed for its crispy sharkmeat fritter. Try it.


Anonymous said...

i cant remember which of the two stores, but i remember one of them allow you to top up with extra fried shark meat. that was good. glooey sauce on crispy shark meat.. i am living near tiong bahru now, do you have other places to recommend?


Anonymous said...

I would have to echo the 2nd floor Amoy suggestion. My favorite lor mee stall. It's just happens to be next to one of my favorite nasi lemak stalls, so always a tough call when i go...