Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bánh Mì Như Lan, Saigon

Bánh Mì Như Lan

There was no way that we were going to Vietnam without getting some bánh mì. We were given this place (365 Hai Bà Trưng, 829-2590) as a recommendation, and it was just a couple of doors down the street (10.78997°N, 106.68921°E) from Phở Hùng. I liked this one - even though the bread was a bit soft, it featured scallion segments rather than cilantro, and also had some delightfully spicy chili pepper slices inside to go with just a touch of mayonnaise. It made for a great afternoon snack, and was only 20,000 Dong (US$1).

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Miss said...

Hi Hungryboy,

I have not tried any "banh mi" in Vietnam, but I used to go to a small shop in Paris Chinatown where they sell the "best Vietnamese sandwiches in Paris" according to most "connaisseurs".

Thieng Heng
50 avenue d'Ivry
75013 Paris

Their sandwiches are truly delicious, much better than the other shops in the neighbourhood. Before moving to S'pore, we used to take the train to Paris once a year just to eat good authentic Vietnamese food and we always patronized this "banh mi" shop as well as "Pho Bida Saigon".