Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Vegetarian Sandwich on Sourdough

Vegetarian Sandwich

One thing I miss about the States is the ease of getting a simple and fresh sandwich. So when I saw (and smelled) some sandwiches for sale this morning at a random shop here in the Bay Area, I got excited. This one was nothing more than a bunch of veggies shoved in there, but the cheese, red onions, and pickle wedge formed a deliciously tasty yet light snack...all on local sourdough bread of course. Mmm...

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Anonymous said...

best sandwich ever ( at least around here, in the south in the month of september) an inch thick cut of home grown tomato, on soft white bread, with mayo and black pepper. add a slice of cheese, if you want, but not neccesary. Come feburary, you will be wanting one. ( fresh tomato sammich)