Thursday, September 03, 2009

Sonja's Biergarten im Schlossgarten

Fleischkase und Bier

I'm glad I got a minute to run back into town to hit up this Biergarten (Am Schlossgarten 18, 0711-2261274) before leaving Stuttgart today. I grabbed some Fleischkäse, which was kinda like a big loaf of homemade Spam, but it was less salty and greasy. It was baked to the point where the edges were crispy, and came with a light brown gravy-like sauce. It wasn't anything to go nuts over, but I'm never going to complain about going to a Biergarten, especially during a nice summer day.

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Anonymous said...

I LIKE spam. ( well not all the time). But cubed in Mac and chesse, or fried with eggs, like ham. ( maybe I am remembering days in the boy scouts or military). A piece of dark bread, some cheese and THAT, plus some good beer, Mmm... a nice afternoon. ( excecpt for the pig, I guess). Like your site. thanks, sir.