Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Showdogs, San Francisco

Wild Boar Sausage Lunch Combo

Now that was my kind of place (1020 Market Street, 558-9560). Presumably named because it was located next to venues like The Warfield, this shop specialized in local sausages and beer on tap...two of my favorite things in the world. It took a while for them to finish grilling my wild boar sausage today, but it was exactly the kind of edgy taste with a quality bite that I was looking for. Delicious.

Now, the fries were thinner and were cooked longer than I prefer (and the habanero hot sauce was sweeter and milder than I had hoped for), but that's just nitpicking. When I can't be in Chicago for Hot Doug's, I'm definitely coming to Showdogs, especially with that happy hour that they offer. It's too bad that they are only open until 8 PM though.

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Anonymous said...

naw, that aint no hot dog. around here, mustard, chille, onions and slaw, but even in Cincinti, Philly, or San fran where they drag it through the garden, you 'don't put it on that bread. At any ball game, you get mustard, ketchup and maybe some relish. It would be like ordering a chille dog, and getting beans in the chille. Of Course that would be like a chille chesse burger, or barbeque. Shoot, forget about eastern or western in this state, I've seen fights break out between neighbors over H57 or A1 on the steaks. ( but I still like soft bread, mustard and ketchup). no, not "catsup". ketchup. and while we are at it, I did not like the brand of mayo in the tater salad. uh oh, here we go again...