Monday, August 31, 2009

Treats from the Stuttgarter Weindorf

Käsespätzle und Schwarzriesling

Time for another German festival. This one, centered around wine, was running this week in Stuttgart. Of course, I don't really care too much about wine (and I wasn't too impressed with the Schwartzriesling that I got today either), but there was tons of food around, including not just the requisite sausages, but also Käsespätzle, which is apparently a local specialty.


All of that cheese was a bit rich though, so when I saw a lady sauteeing Sauerkraut in a giant pan, I knew exactly what to get. This came with little bits of ham, and its mildly sour taste was just what I needed. But those stubby rat tail-like noodles were a bit too filling.

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Anonymous said...

the stubby rat-tails are called "Schupfnudeln" and are a Swabian specialty, similar to gnocchi