Monday, August 31, 2009

More Swabian Specialties from Stuttgart

Maultaschen Wengerter Art

The Swabian region of Germany has quite a few local dishes that I have yet to try, so I went back to the Weindorf festival later this afternoon to find a few others. The first one here was called Maultaschen, which some describe as a giant ravioli. It struck me more as some kind of a minced meatloaf-like slice that just happened to be covered up by dough. This rendition with sauerkraut was fine, but it wasn't anything that I'd really go back for. I wasn't that huge on the Trollinger wine that I got either.


What was more exciting was this slice of bread that I grabbed at the last minute. I was a bit puzzled at first, as this was a cold piece of bread with some kind of gooey sauce on it that I feared was a bit sweet and sour. It turned out that it was not a "sauce" at all; it was pork lard smeared over the top...and blended in with crispy salty bits of bacon too. Throw some raw onions and chives on top, and this thing was just delicious. (Really, how can anything with lard, bacon, and onions *not* taste good?)

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