Saturday, August 15, 2009

Japanese Kyoho Grapes...and Seedless

Kyoho Grapes

In another episode of pricey Japanese fruit, here were some Kyoho grapes. Usually these things have seeds in them, but I found a seedless variety today for S$20 (US$14) a cluster. That's convenient, seeing that I don't even bother peeling the thick skin like one is supposed to either.

As one would expect of such expensive things, these were super juicy and candy-like sweet. But perhaps what is more unique about these things is the fact that they taste mildly if one were eating wine. Pretty cool. I wonder how those super pricey ones in the triple-digit gift boxes taste.


Anonymous said...

where did you get them?

EatTravelEat said...

Fun! Love eating these Kyoho grapes but I agree, they are SO pricey! I like them when you peel them off the skin and put a whole bunch in a bowl, and then slowly eat them one by one like if I was eating a large piece of candy. Mmm.

Seedless must have been very convenient for eating! So many seeds usually to spit out.

Jolene said...

Hey there.
Well next time, you dont need to peel them exactly.

Just pinch the skin of the grape and the flesh should just pop right out of the skin, into your mouth! (But it takes skill to know exactly where to pinch of course. You have to master it..!)

Its more fun to eat that way, less messy and of course much swifter.