Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Japanese Papaya Melon

Papaya Melon

That was different. I noticed these little "papaya melons" at one of the Japanese supermarkets here in Singapore going for S$25 (US$17). I wasn't quite sure what it was - I thought maybe it was just a papaya shaped like a small watermelon. But when I finally cut it open, it had none of that yellow papaya character. Instead, both the flesh and seeds were white, and was really just a melon. It was sweet and juicy like honeydew, but its small size made it a bit frustrating to eat. For that kind of money, I'd rather just go the whole nine yards and get an entire melon. Was there supposed to be more to this?


The Perpetually HungryGirl said...

How does it look inside? I'm dying to know. :(

homeladychef said...

Wow! $25...for one melon, that's really a lot!