Friday, July 31, 2009

Red Pig Korean Restaurant, Amoy Street

Red Pig BBalgam Doiji and Samgyebsal

There are a lot of Korean restaurants in Singapore, ranging from posh ones to old school ones and even some downright nasty ones. But this one was unexpected (93 Amoy Street, 6229-7176). I was just walking down the street when I noticed that this restaurant featured an array of those Darth Vader siphons coming down from the ceiling like the ones at Maru. But this was in a much more spartan fashion, with its ugly yet practical metal tables and grills. I was intrigued, as it looked like my kind of place.

One of the cuts of meat that they offered was their namesake "red pig." While it was good, it was so heavily marinated that I prefered the giant unseasoned slabs of samgyebsal pork instead, which achieved a natural bacon-y taste after a bit of grilling. The galbisal was a bit bland on its own, but it was easily addressed with a bit of kimchi and lettuce wrap. They didn't provide any of the scallions and sesame oil dip that I usually look for, but in this kind of a downscale setting, I wasn't complaining.

And that's ultimately how I felt about this place. There were certainly better places around, but I just liked how humble it was (and despite that, they still took American Express - yay!). There had a number of stews and other dishes on the menu too, not to mention a S$10 (US$7) lunch menu. I'll easily come back.

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