Saturday, June 13, 2009

The ANA Lounge at Narita Airport

Sansai Soba

Hey thanks for the tip! The ANA lounge at Narita really is better than United's Red Carpet Club. It was huge, and featured not only a sake bar in the back, but also a noodle bar on the other side. Now, the noodle bar selection was fairly limited, with only three toppings for your soba or udon. The bowls were small, and my noodles were a tad overcooked. But heck, it was free, and at least it was a proper little soba shop window rather than just leaving some self-serve noodles out in a buffet spread for you to pick up. One can't help but smile at the little ANA logo on the slice of kamaboko fish cake too.

If one really wanted to make a comparison, I suppose that a weaker part of the ANA lounge is the lack of H2O-branded toiletries that United provides for its showers. If one wants both fancy soap and noodles, then it does present a bit of a conundrum. But I don't care about the soap, so I'll definitely make the extra effort of heading all the way down to Satellite 5's big ANA lounge. Besides, they have the cool Japanese beer machine that United has too.


Ernst said...

Very good call - I find the ANA lounge far superior to the United RCC... also usually less crowded too.

Some of the sakes are actually quite good - and the honor bar-setup is very cool.

abraxis said...

I usually load up on senbei because UA has horrible snacks.

The soba is better than the udon. And aside from the beer and sake selection, they have Pocari Sweat!

Anonymous said...

Glad you were able to make it and that it was worth your while. Our favorite place to sit is in the sake bar--it's usually very quiet and has a good view of the terminal below. Happy travels! Nicole

Su-Lin said...

That fish cake is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

If it's toiletries you're after, upgrade to F and head for the ANA F lounge. You'll get a little set of L'Occitanes.