Saturday, July 19, 2008

Inari Sushi at UA's Narita Lounge

Inari Sushi and Otsumami

Cool - there was a platter of inari sushi available here at the United lounge in Narita today. Add in a few cold ones from the Narita beer machine and a quick shower, and I was refreshed for the final leg of this run back home.

Bourbon Biscuit and CookieAddendum: they also had these Bourbon-brand biscuits and cookies. I was hoping that maybe they would be bourbon-flavored or something, but now that I look at it, I think it's a brand from the UK or something. Can anyone confirm? They still have those French kiri cheese things here too.


bonos said...

Looks like McVities Digestives to me.. they should be plentiful in Singapore as well, just have a look on the supermarket shelf.

Bourbon itself is a well known snack maker, though I'm not aware of them making any whisky-flavoured products, haha.

Sab said...

Bourbon's a Japanese brand.

And also want to add that I enjoy reading your blog. =D

bonos said...

think there might have been some confusion with what i said.


bourbon's a japanese snack maker, mostly biscuits related stuff - like their chocolate/vanilla wafers, light and nice creamy filling that doesn't taste of some shoddy vegetable oil.

the biscuit peeking out of the pack, however, is a digestive biscuit (says so on the packet in katakana), though it is suspiciously similar to a mcvites, right down to the wheat image on the biscuit, so i can only guess that it is a homage to the original mcvities version, or somehow they repackage mcvities biscuits as their own. Highly suspect the former.