Monday, April 06, 2009

Voilah! Set at La Villa, River Valley Road

Some duck thing

I went for another French Gastronomy Festival deal tonight, this time from La Villa (341 River Valley Road #01-03, 6836-5286), a Mediterranean outlet from the Senso team. Their Voilah! set featured a two-course meal plus a glass of wine. And I loved the first item pictured above, which was a deliciously rich duck sitting atop some very light and airy toast - yum.

This was followed by steak frites, which tasted fine, although mine came out so underdone that I had to send it back (and this is coming from a guy who very, very, very rarely sends anything back, lest that French toast scene from Road Trip becomes a reality - lunges, anyone??). Well, it still was a pretty darned good deal at only S$30 (US$20). It's just too bad that this promotion only lasts until next Wednesday.


The Perpetually HungryGirl said...

I think you should... do something about your camera's color settings because it's making most of the food pictures come out looking... a little sick. =X

jane said...

Hey hungryboy,

do you have any places to recommend for ossobuco? been craving for one since i read your blog on it! thanks in advance!