Sunday, April 05, 2009

La Fromagerie by Edith & Julien

150gm Cheese Board

Th EU has started running a seven month art and culture promotion in Singapore, with the French Gastronomy Festival portion having just started the other day. As part of this, multiple restaurants across the island have been offering S$30 (US$20) meals, including La Fromagerie (5 Mohamed Sultan Road #01-01, 6732-6269), a cheese shop from the team behind Le Saint Julien. We had seen this place a long time ago, but it looked like now they had seating and some small menus. We grabbed their S$30 Voilah! special, which was a 150 gm board of cheese with a glass of wine.

I am by no means a pro when it comes to cheese, but I certainly do like the right amounts, that is. We were provided with six different types tonight, ranging from some mild Parmesan and goat cheese on one end to a stanky blue cheese and runny cumin-flavored one on the other. I liked them all - particularly the pungent ones at the end. But after all of that cheese and bread, I admittedly got a bit sick of of it (and ready to pass out), especially since we also grabbed some macaroni & cheese and a bowl of onion soup. Well, they are moving to Holland Village soon, which seems like a fitting place to cater to the hanging-out-on-the-weekend crowd.


Anonymous said...

I'm trying to find more information about the festival - some preliminary searching got me here, but I've been unable to find a specific list of restaurants. Do you mind sharing any such resources, if you have them?

bma said...

I think if you just scroll down a bit in your link, you'll get the list of restaurants, right? Well, here is another link you can use.

Note though that not all of these are available all of the time. I learned the hard way this weekend that Hediard was only offering it midweek. I then went to La Villa to find it closed for lunch on Saturday. I then went to Spice Bar to find that they also weren't serving the lunch box on weekends. What a wild goose chase!

But when I did have Spice Bar's lunch box earlier in the week, I really liked it. I just wish that they offered it on weekends too, especially since it would have been nice to have with a glass of wine.

Anonymous said...

Ah! Didn't realise the restaurants were listed under separate events/posts/announcements/whatever. Thanks for that pointer.

I'll probably call them up before attempting to sample their stuff, then. Shall eagerly await your next post! (I'm assuming you're doing more of this for sure)

amiscell said...

Great to find out there is such a place! I will definitely try this out!