Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sights from London's Borough Market


I'm a firm believer that one of the things to do on the road is hit up local markets. And after what I just experienced, the Borough Market in London has easily become my favorite of them all. Everything about this place was right up my alley, with so many vendors selling items like cheese, oysters, and olives. I was practically drooling as I walked down the aisles, especially with all of the cheese samples being handed out and the wonderful aroma of grilled meat in the air.


With that, I could not help but cave in. I grabbed a set of grilled sausages shoved into a lightly toasted bread roll called a bap. This one guy was burning rosemary underneath the bangers, which satiated even this rosemary-hater; the light aroma provided a surprisingly nice accent to those little greasy garlicky sausages. Another guy was selling what he called "mushroom pate" - just think of minced mushrooms spread across bread and you'll get the idea. Man, I could spend forever in this market.

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