Friday, April 17, 2009

Some Thai Shiso Leaf Thing

Some Thai shiso leaf thing

That was different. The local office here in Taipei went out for a team dinner at some nearby Thai buffet. The spread was filled with the usual curries, papaya salad, and pad thai. But they also had these cool little things: basically freshly ground chili peppers wrapped in a shiso leaf and topped with some peanuts and pomelo. This bite-sized thing was spicy, but also very refreshing thanks to the dominance of that shiso leaf. Is this something that is actually eaten in Thailand, or was this some form of Taiwanese localization?


Jian said...

I believe this appetizer is called Miang Kam.

It was served as a complimentary appetizer in a hotel restaurant in Bangkok. Very interesting and tasty, although we didn't really know what to do with it at first.

It's not supposed to be made with a Shiso leaf though, but with the "Wild Pepper leaf".

Katy K said...

I've had this appetizer in a few Thai restaurants in Seattle. Here, they lay out a platter with a pile of leaves in the center and several small dishes around the perimeter of the platter containing various fillings for the leaves. If I recall, there are sliced jalapenos, ginger, ground peanuts, chilis, and other things that you scoop onto the leaf to build your own. I'm not sure what is the name of the leaf. I agree that the the leaf taste is refreshing. I think it is a fun and delicious appetizer. Having never been to Thailand, I can't say if they serve it there but it is served in Seattle.

I've been enjoying your blog from way over here for months now. The pictures are great and your commentary entertaining. It's always a treat to surf over and see what you been digesting lately.

Anonymous said...

It's Northern Thai Cuisine