Monday, January 14, 2008

An Assortment of Standard-Issue Thai Food

Tom Yam Goong

With the exception of a few things like kanohm jin, there probably aren't too many dishes that unique to Phuket. And with us being stuck in touristy Patong, many places that we ate at offered the same standard issue Thai food no matter where we went. So rather than rambling on about some random shop's tom yam, pad thai, or som tam, I'll just shut up and let some pictures from the past few days stand for themselves.

Some Noodle Soup

Pad Thai

Som Tam Poo


Anonymous said...

You would do well to look up the piece that Stan Sesser wrote for the Asian Wall Street Journal 4 years ago (maybe more) about eating in Phuket before the next time that you go. He uncovered some hidden gems. Sesser has lived in BKK for many years and knows a few things about Thai cooking. He claims that the best Southern Thai food he's ever had is in Phuket. I have hunted the ten or so restaurants that he names in his article and have found them to be outstanding. These aren't hotel restaurants, they're all fairly grimey, roadside types in out of the way places. The seafood place that he recommends up by the airport is fantastic, as is the place in Phuket Town. You can download the article from their website, I did.

bma said...

Thanks - I just grabbed it. Too bad I didn't have it before I went! But no worries...opportunities to go to Phuket are aplenty. The article was dated 10-Dec-04, to be specific.