Monday, March 09, 2009

Yung Kee Restaurant, Hong Kong

A Regular Serving of Goose

I must have passed by this place a million times in the past (32 Wellington St, 2522-1624), and heard about how great it was by a million different people. But it was in such a convenient location that I never bothered to come down here to get their famous Cantonese roast goose, figuring that I'd always get a chance some other time. Today was finally that other time.

I can now see what all of the fuss is about. The skin was of course crispy, but the fat underneath was so complementary to the meat that all of the bone fragments didn't bother me as much as they normally do. I didn't even touch that sweet plum sauce, lest it cover up the natural taste. This menu also featured a number of other dishes that apparently have received all sorts of accolades, but we didn't try any of those. The goose alone was good enough.


ClearTear said...

tried any pigeons? was hoping to find a good roast pigeon place in HK.

offspring said...

oh man, you missed the century egg there.

clareassiral said...

i queued for more than an hour for a table at yung kee during my last trip. Boy was it worth it!

Karrot Juice said...

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! That is one of my weaknesses.

And yes, someone should have offered you some century egg from Yung Kee. The yolk is impossibly creamy and you would never find anything like that in Singapore.

Sylvie said...

I normally don't eat centurey eggs unless they are in the porridge, yet Yung Kee's century eggs really gobsmacked me. Creamy yolk and jelly-like white - add a few slices of pickled ginger and you're ready for food nirvana.