Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Anyone Want Some Spotted Dick?

Spotted Dick Pudding

Yeah, I admit that this was rather childish of me. But I couldn't help but do a second take and chuckle when I passed by the freezer section at Marks & Spencer tonight. Spotted Dick Pudding? What the heck was that?? A quick internet search suggested that it was an English pudding with dried fruits that got its name from either the words "thick" or "dough"...or even the last syllable of "pudding." I didn't buy one, but I did learn something new today.


sofood said...

didn't know M&S in S'pore has frozen food too..u know it they only started recently? which branch does frozen food? cheers

Anonymous said...

Haha you're a funny guy. Keep up the good work.Enjoy your blog and humour.

I will be dropping by Spore in April. Yeah be pigging out.


Anonymous said...

Amen. i enjoy your blog. As one whose Mom came from Bristol, I laugh. Now please be a dear, and hand me a fag, ( ciggarette) before I make meself some scrupmy (fried over easy, but youlks soft) eggs and bacon ( ham) or toad in the hole. I still love sauausge and mash. And roast lamb. Thanks

Anonymous said...

otay, here is my moms recipe if you are not feeling well : Cook some tomatos in a small bit of butter, untill soft, add some eggs,cook just until it looks like it has already been eaten once. Serve on buttered toast. with a few strips of crispy crispy bacon.( fat meat,or side meat) serve with a mug of sweet, milky tea, and the words "GET your ass outta bed, You got stuff to do, and others to help" even though she loves you. Tom

Kathy said...

Actually, a little cream or milk in the egg mix before cooking will do the trick. Serve the eggs when they are 80% done so the remainder heat will cook the rest through.

And I do think you mean "bangers and mash". =P There're plenty of English dishes with weird names, like "bubble and squeak" (cabbages and potato which squeak in the pot when you cook 'em) etc.

Lastly, if one is really ill, some porridge (oat or rice) would be much better than tea and toast. But this is just a mom's recipe for the body, not the tastebuds.

Anonymous said...

Aye, poriddge water, would be best, but lacking that, a cup of ginger beer, or orange or barley water. My grand da was a lamp lighter. Fomerly a coal miner. We came from Whales, but I do not know the language. My dads people were from almaigne or Almigne... Almaigne... OK Germany.

Anonymous said...

oh dear, I can imagine my eyes growing sideways if I spot this in M&S before your blog. Just back from London and popped into a couple of M&Ss but my eyes must be failing again. haha... spotted... WHAT?!