Friday, February 27, 2009

Hokkaido Sandwich & Sashimi, Singapore

Tonkatsu Sandwich

I went back today to try out a couple more of this shop's sandwiches, starting with the tonkatsu sandwich pictured above. I'm no expert on katsu-sando, but this one was fine - I kinda liked that brown mustard sauce and the hidden bits of corn in the patty.

I also finally got around to trying that fruit sandwich, which was pretty much sliced fruit and whipped cream shoved in between two slices of bread. It actually tasted alright, but after having gone through nearly two sandwiches for lunch, I frankly got a bit sick of all of the bread. Maybe next time I'll ask these guys to cut off the crusts for me.


Adrian said...

I just had it for lunch and it was not bad. I got takeaway so the bread (which I got toasted and thus unlike what appears in your photo) was a bit soggy once I got back to my desk ... my fault really. Overall I liked the sandwich but felt that they should have slathered more of that mustard sauce to give it more kick. I'd go back again for sure.

harshal said...

nice sandwich not yet tated but like to tate in future.