Thursday, February 26, 2009

Trying Out Some Tatami Iwashi Salad

Tatami Iwashi Sarada

This was the tatami iwashi salad from Hokkaido Sandwich and Sashimi (4 Marina Boulevard #01-33, 6509-0685), a Japanese sandwich shop that has opened at The Sail @ Marina Bay. I originally came down here for a sandwich, but this starter sounded interesting so I got one as well.

What you see are little baby sardines sun-dried into flat sheets and then thrown on top of a small salad tossed in a Japanese dressing. I rather liked it as it wasn't as fishy nor salty as I thought it would be, although it was a bit pricey at S$12 (US$8) for a tiny little plate.

Oh - and how were the sandwiches? I grabbed a tarabagani sandwich, which featured Japanese crab...and more specifically, Japanese king crab. It was pretty much what I had figured it would be like: mildly sweet, small-portioned, and on very soft bread. I kinda liked it, even if the hint of onions in the Japanese mayo-slathered crab fueled a bit of dragon breath on the way back to the office. Maybe next time I'll try that peculiar yet intriguing-sounding fruit sandwich that I thought I saw on the menu.


Deb said...

Fruit sandwich sounds enticing! Seems like it's fairly common in Japan.

Anonymous said...

Different, for sure. I would have mistaken that for regular dried noodles, till I looked closer and saw the tiny eyeballs in the fish. Kind of freaky, but no worse than I catching and grilling a trout, and eating the roe (caviar) with scrambled eggs. or haggis. or liver mush. or parsnips or eggplant for that matter. Who ate the first artichoke or mushroom, and found it to be good? Tomatoes used to be called wolf peaches you know. :)