Sunday, February 08, 2009

Din Tai Fung has added Spicy Wontons

Spicy Wontons

It looks like Din Tai Fung has added one of my favorite dishes, red oil wontons, to its menu. I didn't like this rendition though as it was really more sour than it was spicy (at least, here at their Singapore branch), forcing me to dump tons of more chili oil on top. Even then, it still didn't have the punch that I was looking for. I'll stick to their famous xiao long bao next time.


Kathy said...

Hey! We were just asking around where there were good ones after reading your Chongqing post. It's a pity that the Sichuan places here only do "long chao shou", they are so small! The sauce is right, but the wontons are not.

The sauce is so important, I remembered having really good ones in Shanghai.

Do keep us posted. Thanks!

Karrot Juice said...

Try The Eastern Restaurant at Centrepoint, #01-57. I think their spicy wontons are better than those served at Din Tai Fung and Crystal Jade. :)