Sunday, February 15, 2009

Chennai Cabbage from Muthu's Curry

Chennai Cabbage

Here was some cabbage with lentils from Muthu's Curry. I just liked the look of the chili peppers on top; otherwise, it was just your usual salty cabbage.


Kathy said...

I found the same dish at Sakunthala at Dunlop Road. It's more shredded and not was dried looking, and it's got lovely lentils mixed within.

Grab a set, or if you eat thosai or uttapam, try mixing the masala at the table with the oil provided to make a paste to dip into. Yums!

Anonymous said...

I always wanted to try muthu's curry while i was in s'pore..
a pleasant trip to your blog..keep up the good work..added ur page as a link on my page..
looking forward to more posts..

ladyhomechef said...

Try Apollo one instead, I think it's nicer.