Saturday, December 27, 2008

Meat Doria from Saizeriya Singapore

Doria with Meat

Ugh - that was nasty. I tried to like this thing but I just couldn't. See, doria is basically a Japanese concoction of rice covered in a creamy cheese sauce and baked in a "Western" style. With this being a big seller at Saizeriya, I came by tonight out of sheer curiosity, especially since that fried chicken meal earlier was a bit small on portions.

While it did come out with a very attractively bubbling cheese, the taste was just a yawner. It basically tasted like it sounded: a very mild cream sauce baked onto a bed of rice, which did nothing for me. I wonder if a proper shop in Yokohama would do a better job. At least it was dirt cheap here at just a little over S$4 (US$2.75).

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