Monday, December 01, 2008

Bar Restaurante Albatros, Barcelona

Pina con Jamon

This was a completely random place that I came across when looking for a quick bite to eat (C./ Selva de Mar, 9 esq. C/. Taulat, 277, 93-266-5014). I had no idea if it were going to be any good, but it was filled with locals and had a bunch of ham dangling from the ceiling so it looked encouraging enough.

Of course, I had to get the ham. They ran out of melon so they gave me this slice of pineapple instead, but it was sweet and provided a juicy complement to the savory slices of ham. I followed up with some calamari and flan, neither of which were anything to get excited about but nonetheless rounded up a quick and easy meal. Next time I should just go for one of those sandwiches that I saw a few folks eating.

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