Saturday, November 22, 2008

Natto and Blue Cheese on Baguette

Natto Buru Chizu

This was on the list of specials this month at Ichigo: natto mixed with blue cheese that you spread on toasted slices of baguette. Talk about combining two of forms of fermentation into one for some extra stank! Fortunately, I do eat natto, so I ingested this easily. But natto detractors can stay away as it definitely tasted more of natto than of blue cheese.


Buda said...

Ewww! I really dislike natto and I really dislike blue cheese. I'm amazed that someone would think of putting the two of these together and even more amazed that someone would order it and actually eat it. You are amazing.

Anonymous said...

asians believe in using smelly to combat smelly?
blue cheese yay. natto nay.

bma said...

Just imagine if the baguette were substituted with Taiwanese stinky tofu; you'd then have the Triple Crown of fermentation.

Anonymous said...

This looks like a nice snack!