Saturday, October 04, 2008

The New La Braceria on Greendale Ave


This was the ravioli from one of our old favorites, La Braceria, which has moved to a new location (5 Greendale Ave, 6465-5918). Just as with before, the new digs featured a small pizza oven facing a rather cozy dining room. But there were some minor changes, most notably in that the sausages that I loved so much from before were not listed as an entree today. They still had their house pasta that featured bits of that sausage, but they used orecchiette and broccoli instead of fettucine and truffles.

The pizza that we ordered was also surprisingly oily, thus making the crust a bit soggy in the center. And the chili pepper flakes were no longer the super spicy version of the past. But all of it struck well enough into my savory-inclined tastebuds that I still consider this to be one of my favorite Italian places in Singapore. It's good to see that they have resurfaced.


jean said...

Is this the one that was in that "isolated" area next to an old hairdresser, and owned by 2 young men?

My brother loved the place and took us there when we visited in April - the sausages were quite nice.

Alastair said...

The phone number you listed is wrong ... goes to DBS, just thought I'd point that out :)

bma said...

Corrected - thanks!