Monday, September 08, 2008

Wong Chi Kei Congee & Noodle, Macau

Wanton Mee

As we passed through Senado Square, we stopped at this shop as it was famous for its bamboo noodles (17 Largo do Senado, 2833-1313). I recall these noodles to be tastier than Wing Wah in Hong Kong, although admittedly I haven't eaten enough of either to be really confident in that claim.

Only after getting their business card on the way out did I realize that these guys have expanded into Hong Kong...not only at the airport but also right on Wellington Street near my favorite Mak's Noodle. For some reason, I've still got this perception in my head that nothing can beat the eggy-taste of Mak's. But I'll easily come down to this place as a close second if I need to. Besides, the clear oil-based hot sauce here was a big winner in my books.

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