Monday, April 28, 2008

Wing Wah Noodle House, Hong Kong

Dry Wanton Noodles with Shrimp Eggs

Remember the Bourdain episode where that guy made noodles by - perhaps painfully - hopping up and down on a bamboo pole? This wasn't the same shop, but it was in the city and made for an easy lunchtime run from the office (89 Hennessy Road, 2527-7476). Wanton mee appeared to be a staple here, so I grabbed one of the usual soup versions plus one of the dry ones with the shrimp eggs on top.

Based on appearances alone, it was hard to tell how these noodles differed from a machine-made version. And I was hoping for a bit more of an egg taste inherent in the noodles too, but didn't get it. Still, the noodles were favorably firm, and that made the difference. My preference is still for Mak's due to all of its tasty ingredients, but I'm glad I got to eat this too.

Note that there is no English on the's all in Chinese. But look for a wooden facade and you'll be able to confirm your location with the building number and photos of the guy doing the bamboo thing. (Unfortunately, you don't get to see the deed in person since it's apparently all done upstairs.) Afterwards, try heading down a couple blocks south to the Wan Chai wet market if you have the could not help but think of Chris Tucker's chicken scene in Rush Hour 2 when seeing the poultry vendors there.

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