Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Mak's Noodle (again), HK


I love this place. Wow. Back in just two days, I got a craving for these noodles. This time, I started with the dry version, where the soup is separate, and the noodles have little red shrimp eggs sprinkled on top (it almost looks like really big grains of paprika or chili powder or something). The shrimp eggs add a really nice taste and texture.

But I was still hungry, so I also ordered the obligatory wanton mee. At that point, I realized that the noodles taste better in the soup (more fat flavor). But it was still good in a dry version.

Actually, I was so hungry that I ended up ordering four plates in the end. Apparently the restaurant's name has a playful pun in it regarding the small portions: one of the Chinese words can also be read to say "not large." They say that they keep the bowls small so that the noodles don't overexpand with all the soup, but I dunno if that's really the truth since there is still soup in the small bowls. Either way, I know my routine now - get both the dry and soup versions in one go for a full meal. Yum.


curious said...

I'll be going to Hong Kong in June and wanted to try the noodles at this place. Can you please provide the address? Thanks.

By the way, love reading your posts. Look forward to many more.

bma said...

Sure. I guess I hadn't quite yet settled into the practice of linking back and providing addresses back in those early days. It's in Central at 77 Wellington St, +852-2854-3810.

alf said...

Mak's also has a location in Causeway Bay - just 100m in front of the Jia Boutique Hotel / Regal Hotel / Lanson Place triangle. The quality is just as good as Wellington St