Saturday, September 13, 2008

Milk-based Fishhead Beehoon

Fishhead Beehoon

Here's a bowl of fishhead beehoon from a random shop here in Singapore, but I think they used milk rather than actually getting the white color out of the bones. Sure, maybe it was cheating, but it did make the broth rich enough to be delightful to drink.


elspeth said...

If I'm not wrong, I think they use evaporated milk. It's usually served this way when the fish is fried. If the fish slices are not fried, it's with clear soup.
The best ones are the XO-fish hor fun and bee hoon at this coffeeshop in Holland Village! (Their prawn-paste chicken is awesome too!)

merxantia said...

Hi there, you can try a more robust version of this dish by ordering a seafood beehoon from this restaurant along Selegie Road. Order a whole crab to be put in it, the taste is fantastic! You can locate them here:

adel said...

this is my no. 2 all time favourite noodle dish ..healthy and comforting..
envious of the amount of your travelling! meh!