Monday, September 08, 2008

Henri's Galley, Macau

African Chicken

Contrary to how it might sound, African Chicken from Portuguese restaurants in Macau is neither African nor Portuguese. It is a local Macanese creation, and we came down to this place (4G Avienda da Republica, 2855-6251) to give their rendition a try. It came out covered in a thick sauce that really wasn't that spicy, but instead consisted heavily of coconut and peanut butter. I had initially envisioned something similar to the Portuguese chicken from South African chain Nando's, but instead we got something reminiscient of Southeast Asia.

Don't get me wrong - the sauce was rich and unique enough that it was a delight to mop up the sauce with some bread on the side, and I'm glad that I tried it. But the savory-inclined, sweetness-aversioned person inside me really wish it were more like Nando's instead.

I did enjoy another one of their specialties though: some Macanese seabass sitting on a bed of grilled tomatoes, onions, potatoes, and bell peppers. These grilled slices of ultra tender fish were a delight to eat, and didn't even require that coconut-y chili sauce on the side thanks to how fresh it was. Between this and the clams from last night, I realize now that fresh seafood is the name of the game in Macau.

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